• Audio Productions - background and radio music production, music themes
    for ad spots, voicing for multimedia presentations and Internet websites,
    recording of live concerts and club parties.

  • Video productions - production of programs, reportages, promotion films,
    stage performances, concerts etc.

  • For companies - training and instruction films, documentations,
    meeting recordings, promotional and advertising films.

  • Changing medium formats - we make DVDs from materials given to us,
    re-recording video materials from any medium to: DVD, Mini DV, VHS, SVHS,
    MPG, WMV and others...(computer files).

  • Montage and editing of films from any source - subtitling, material
    quality improvement, visual and audio effects, recording of lector background,
    elaboration of music background, shortening of materials etc.

  • We offer cooperation with lectors, actors, performance authors, musicians,
    composers and authors, stage, theatre and TV professionals.

  • We offer visual transmission to "large screens", wall screens etc.,
    during conferences, fairs, trainings etc.
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