Promotion through events is becoming an important element of the marketing strategy
and a PR pillar of many companies. Extensive experience in the organization of events
of different nature - more or less intimate, exclusive closed events, as well as creativity,
the willingness to break conventions and to escape routine and our business contacts
surely are our advantages. The clubbing culture contains an enormous potential which we
try to harness, guaranteeing you the effectiveness of the parties and the advertisement.
We know how to show you how to create your own brand in an environment that
is hermetic and specific, but also laden with potential.


  • concerts,
  • promotion events (presentation of new products),
  • integration events,
  • balls and banquets,
  • picnics for employees and customers,
  • conferences and trips,
  • fashion shows,
  • club parties,
  • children parties,
  • closed parties,
  • unforgettable 18th birthdays.
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